The successful hunter’s checklist

This list covers just about everything you’ll need, including gear, clothing, overnight gear, emergency supplies and any other items that might come in handy out in the field. At Terra Pampa we furnish hunters with everything that they may need which is not of personal use, so we divided the list in two. The first list is the gear you need to prepare for any outfitted hunting trip. The second list consists of the additional items you need when hunting solo or if you intend to spend the night outdoors.   

All of the clothes and gear, as far as possible, should be made in camouflage or earthy colors so as to allow hunters to blend into the landscape. All gear that can’t fit into the backpack should have a strap for hanging. Additionally, they should be adequate for the season, climate and weather we are going to hunt in. 

Hunting Gear

Hunting backpack

Water bottle or container

Unscented insect repellent

Sunscreen lotion


Trash bag


Small sewing kit

Safety pins

Camping knife or multi-tool

Sharp knife, ideally with replaceable blades. 

Portable saw

Energy bars

Aspirin/pain reliever/ other 

Cell phone

Hunting Clothing

Hunting jacket

Hunting pants

Hunting vest

Hunting boots

Long underwear, if necessary

Moisture-wicking socks

watch cap or beanie


Fingerless gloves

Face mask



Spare clothing


At Terra Pampa, most of the following are either not necessary or available for our clients: 


Compass or GPS

Overnight Gear


Sleeping bag

Water purifier/filter


Camping stove

Cooking supplies

Rope or nylon webbing


Scrubbing sponge and Washcloth

Small shovel/trowel

Bear bag with rope or cord

Tent/canvas patch kit

Emergency and Survival Gear

First Aid Kit

Emergency blanket

Signal mirror

Windproof matches

Fire starting supplies

Special note about hunting clothes: should you buy new clothes, do so several weeks ahead of the actual hunting trip, and wear them out a little. Walk in your new boots as long as you need to soften them and make them adapt to your feet. The last thing you need in a long, hard trek through rough terrain is blisters or sore feet. The same goes for jackets, shirts, pants and long underwear. Make sure that any additional piece of equipment you take is fixed with a strap for hanging from the shoulders or head. 

Packing out

At Terra Pampa, our guides and staff tend to all the process of packing out your hunt, quartering the animals, deboning the meat and carrying it back to the lodge to be cooked and preserved. We also prepare your trophies for your trip back home.

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