Big Game Hunting in Argentina

Why choose Terra Pampa as a big game hunting outfitter in Argentina?

+ 85,000

Terra Pampa Hunting Lodge boasts a vast hunting ground covering 85,000 acres.

+12 big game

The lodge is home to a diverse range of big game species, including red stag, wild boar, blackbuck, and more.

Hunter-owned and

Terra Pampa is owned and operated by passionate hunters who understand what fellow hunters are looking for.

Rotational farming

The rotational farming system of this land produces excellent grass and attracts wildlife.

Expert hunting

Our hunting guides are experienced and knowledgeable, providing guests with valuable guidance throughout their trip.

Sustainable hunting

We are committed to sustainable hunting practices, aligned with Wildlife Department of the State of La Pampa policies.

How much does it cost big game hunting in Argentina?

At Terra Pampa, our prices for big game hunting start at $6000 for a six-night lodging and Red stag hunt package. We also offer a range of other hunting plans to suit different preferences and budgets.

What’s the typical big game hunting itinerary?



Start the day with a complete and fresh breakfast to charge energy and initiate the hunting.


Morning Hunt

Start the hunt with the first rise of the sunlight accompanied by an expert guide who is going to help reach your target by the spot and stalk style of hunting.



Recharge for the afternoon hunt with an exquisite lunch.


Afternoon Hunt

Hunters and guides will head back to continue the hunt in a raw and untamed terrain.



Share your stories from the day over an evening outdoor or indoor dinner with local food, fine wines and sweet treats.

What big game animals can you hunt in Argentina?

Argentina is a top destination for big game hunters, offering a variety of game animals to hunt. Some of the most sought-after big game animals in Argentina include:

Red Stag – The red stag is considered the king of Argentine big game and is a popular target for hunters. These majestic animals can be found in several regions of Argentina, including La Pampa.

Blackbuck – With their striking black and white coat and impressive spiraled horns, blackbuck antelopes make for a thrilling and challenging hunt. 

Water Buffalo – Water buffalo hunting is also popular in Argentina. These animals are large and powerful, making for a challenging and exciting hunting experience.

Wild Boar – Wild boars can be found in almost every region of Argentina and are often hunted using dogs for an added thrill. These animals are known for their intelligence and are challenging to hunt.

Fallow Deer – Fallow deer are a popular big game animal in Argentina, with their elegant appearance and challenging hunting experience. These animals can be found in several regions of Argentina, including La Pampa.

Overall, Argentina is a top destination for big game hunters, offering a range of game animals and challenging hunting experiences. It is essential to always follow hunting regulations and use the services of a professional hunting guide or lodge for a safe and successful hunting trip.

Is Argentina good for Big Game Hunting?

Yes, Argentina is an excellent destination for big game hunting. With its diverse range of ecosystems and habitats, Argentina offers a unique and challenging hunting experience with a variety of game animals to choose from.

The red stag, blackbuck antelope, water buffalo, and wild boar are some of the most popular big game animals in Argentina, with each providing a thrilling and challenging hunting experience. Additionally, fallow deer and axis deer are also available for hunting in certain regions of the country.

To ensure a safe and successful hunting trip, look no further than Terra Pampa’s professional hunting services. Our expert guides and lodges offer top-notch all-inclusive packages that include everything you need for a successful hunt, from transportation to accommodations and meals. Plus, we offer transparent trophy fees so you can plan ahead for your hunt. Trust us to provide a safe and unforgettable hunting trip in Argentina.

Overall, Argentina is an excellent choice for big game hunters looking for a unique and challenging hunting experience in a beautiful and diverse landscape.

When is big game hunting season in Argentina?

The big game hunting season in Argentina varies depending on the animal and region. In general, the hunting season in Argentina runs from March to September, with the peak season for big game hunting being from May to July.

Red stag hunting, for example, is best from March to May, as this is when the animals are in their rutting season and are more active. Blackbuck antelope hunting is also best from March to May, as this is when the animals are in their breeding season and are more active.

Water buffalo hunting is best from June to August, when the temperatures are cooler, and the animals are more active during the day. Wild boar hunting is available year-round in most regions of Argentina, with some exceptions.

It is essential to note that hunting regulations and seasons may vary by province in Argentina, so it is always a good idea to check with local hunting authorities or professional hunting guides to ensure you are hunting in compliance with the laws and regulations.

Some photos of our big game hunts in Argentina

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