Partridge Hunting in Argentina

How much does it cost partridge hunting in Argentina?

At Terra Pampa, our prices for partridge hunting start at $3950 for a 5 Days lodging + 4 wing-shooting hunts + 2 small game hunts. We also offer a range of other hunting plans to suit different preferences and budgets.

Some pictures of partridge hunting in Argentina

What’s the typical partridge hunting itinerary?



Start the day with a complete and fresh breakfast to charge energy and initiate the hunting.


Morning Partridges

Start the hunt with the first rise of the sunlight accompanied by a bird boy to your blind in the plain or bushes.



Recharge for the afternoon hunt with an exquisite lunch.


Afternoon Mixbag

Keep hunting either pigeons & doves or partridge.



Share your stories from the day over an evening outdoor or indoor dinner with local food, fine wines and sweet treats.

Is Argentina good for partridge hunting?

Yes, Argentina is an excellent destination for partridge hunting. The country is home to several species of partridge, including the red-legged partridge, which is a popular game bird among hunters.

Argentina’s mild climate, diverse landscape, and extensive farmland make it an ideal habitat for partridge. The hunting season for partridge in Argentina typically runs from May to August, although it can vary depending on the region and specific regulations.

Hunters can pursue partridge in several ways, including using hunting dogs, walking and flushing, or stalking. Many hunting lodges in Argentina offer guided partridge hunts, providing hunters with a professional guide, accommodations, and meals.

Hunters typically use shotguns for partridge hunting in Argentina, and it’s essential to bring plenty of ammunition. Shooting ranges and gun clubs are available throughout the country for hunters to practice their shooting skills.

Partridge Hunting Tips & Techniques

Partridge hunting in Argentina requires a different approach and technique than other types of hunting. Here are some tips and techniques for a successful partridge hunting trip:

Hunting Dogs – Using hunting dogs is an effective and popular method for partridge hunting in Argentina. The dogs can locate and flush out the birds, making them easier to shoot.

Walking and Flushing – Another method for partridge hunting is walking and flushing. Hunters can walk through the fields and flush out the birds from the ground.

Stalking – Stalking is a third method for partridge hunting. Hunters can spot the birds from a distance and then move in quietly to take a shot.

Positioning – Hunters should position themselves in a spot where they can see the birds flying or walking. It’s essential to stay downwind from the birds to avoid detection.

Shooting Technique – Partridge hunting requires quick reflexes and accurate shooting. Hunters should practice their shooting skills and be able to shoulder and fire their shotgun quickly and accurately.

Proper Equipment – Hunters should use the right equipment for partridge hunting, such as a 12 or 20-gauge shotgun with a modified or improved cylinder choke. The gun should be lightweight and easy to handle for quick shots.

Use the Right Ammunition – The right ammunition is crucial for partridge hunting. A recommended shot size is 7.5 or 8, and hunters should bring plenty of ammunition.

Stay Still and Quiet – It’s essential to stay still and quiet while hunting partridge, as any sudden movement or noise can scare off the birds.

Overall, partridge hunting in Argentina requires good shooting skills, the right equipment, and a variety of hunting techniques. By following these tips and techniques, hunters can increase their chances of a successful and enjoyable hunting trip.

Partridge hunting regulations and laws in Argentina

Partridge hunting in Argentina is regulated to protect the bird populations and ensure a safe and legal hunting trip. Here are some regulations and laws for partridge hunting in Argentina:

Hunting License and Permit – To hunt partridges in Argentina, hunters must have a valid hunting license and permit for the birds. These can be obtained from the local hunting authorities in each province.

Bag Limit – The bag limit for partridge hunting in Argentina varies depending on the region and species of partridge. Hunters must adhere to the bag limit and only take what they can reasonably use and not waste any birds.

Shooting Hours – Partridge hunting is allowed only during daylight hours, and shooting is prohibited 30 minutes after sunset.

Hunting Methods – Only shotguns are allowed for partridge hunting in Argentina. The use of rifles or other firearms is prohibited.

Hunting Season – The partridge hunting season in Argentina typically runs from May to August, but it can vary depending on the region and specific regulations.

No-Baiting – The use of baiting to attract partridges is prohibited in Argentina.

Conservation Fees – Some provinces may require hunters to pay a conservation fee to hunt partridges. The funds from these fees are typically used for wildlife conservation efforts in the region.

It is essential to always check with the local hunting authorities in each province for specific regulations and requirements for partridge hunting in Argentina. By following all regulations, hunters can ensure a safe and legal hunting trip while protecting the bird populations.

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