Why take a hunting trip to Argentina?

Why take a hunting trip to Argentina and, specifically, to Terra Pampa? There are many good reasons why Argentina, the second largest country in South America, provides the best hunting, which made it very popular with hunters all over the world.

Argentina was blessed with vast wild territories extending from north to south and from east to west, with a great variety of climates and landscapes which provide perfect habitats for numerous species of big game and also small prey and birds.

In addition to indigenous game and birds, exotic species were introduced in Argentina at the turn of the 19th Century for the purpose of hunting. Those animals found ideal environments and spread throughout the territory, reaching great numbers and excellent specimens. There are many species you may hunt.

Terra Pampa big game hunting: Red Deer; Water Buffalo; Blackbuck; Fallow Deer; Axis Deer, several kinds of wild sheep and goats and smaller game. As to Wing Shooting, or bird hunting, we have patridges, pigeon hunt and dove hunt, even high-volume dove hunt.

Regarding Red Stag hunting, specifically, Argentina, due to its appropriate climate and environment, produces some of the biggest and most beautiful specimens.

Another benefit of hunting in Terra Pampa is that you can organize your hunting trip with the conviction that you are going to experiment real, authentic free-range hunting, something which is almost unique in the world. There are artificial barriers, usually wire fences, in every hunting property, but they are aimed at containing cattle, or keeping unauthorized people or vehicles out. Game can easily roam free through the fences, either jumping over them or passing under them.

Argentina is famous for the great variety of its climates, landscapes and places to see, as well as the warmth, hospitality and friendliness of its people. You could make your hunting trip in Argentina a comprehensive tour, not only a luxury hunting trip but also a whole Argentine experience.


Terra Pampa is located in the north edge of the Argentine Patagonia region. It forms part of a larger property dedicated to cattle farming and harvesting, a family initiative with more than a hundred years’ tradition. Our hunting lodge offers luxury accommodation; an official dirt runway for small aircraft; skilled, excellently trained and experienced guides to help you succeed in your hunt; transport vehicles and all the tools for the packing out; several kinds of firearms and other weapons to choose from with the necessary advice; all kinds of blinds; photographic equipment and the services of a photographer to register your whole adventure and one of the best cuisines you may find by world class chefs: you will be able to enjoy the products of your hunt in the best possible ways, together with Argentine traditional dishes.

Terra Pampa’s mission is to provide our clients a luxury hunt with the whole hunting experience. We are the best outfitters in Argentina, in beautiful hunting grounds surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, a high-end luxury lodge and excellent services, while at the same time making them feel at home and part of our family.

What makes us stand out among Argentina hunting lodges is, first of all, the superiority and advantages of the land. In a region which is characteristic for its dryness, nevertheless we have several huge, permanent lagoons and bodies of water where animals come to drink, and which allows us to have water buffaloes. In addition, as alfalfa is planted around the water areas, most animals of the region, who love that sweet grass, prefer to hang out and graze on our land. Terra Pampa hunting reserve is an almost virgin land featuring dunes, depressions, natural pastures, sparse as well as thick Calden forests which only grow endemic in Argentina and permanent bodies of water with marshy surroundings. It is the ideal spot for the best hunt you can dream of. Book your hunt in advance and start planning your hunting trip.

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